Dr. Ani & Associates

Pediatric/Young Adult Neuropsychology and Related Services


Dr. Ani & Associates is a group of licensed mental health professionals who specialize in neuropsychological assessment and interventions for children, adolescents, and young adults with neurodevelopmental, medical, and/or emotional issues that negatively impact their well-being.

Our mission is to "help minds blossom." This purpose is based on the positive psychological perspective that exploring and emphasizing an individual's strengths and talents is just as important as "fixing" their weaknesses. Our goal is to help patients blossom by identifying and honing their strengths as a means to remediating their difficulties.


Over the upcoming weeks we will begin, in phases, “reopening” Dr. Ani & Associates as a physical, face-to-face institution. As of June 1st we have started to take steps in that direction, starting with our testing services. 


While we have been able to continue to work with most of our clients via telehealth, some of our services require in-person sessions. We're aware that individuals and families need help, and we want to continue to serve our clients and our community. Therefore, our reopening will take place incrementally and cautiously, in accordance with the guidelines set down by local and federal authorities. We will continue to update our policies and procedures as guided by the Pasadena and Los Angeles Health Departments and the CDC. 

Dr. Ani & Associates is deeply committed to your safety, health, and well-being, and we look forward to connecting with you soon!