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Clinicians at Dr. Ani & Associates provide evidence-based interventions that have strong research support, and which are likely to generalize to "real-life" settings such as school, home, and social relationships.

Executive Skills Coaching

"Executive skills coaching" is based primarily on cognitive training and behavior management principles and helps address common issues experienced by individuals with executive functioning difficulties. These may involve challenges with scheduling, goal setting, time management, planning, organizing, focusing, and prioritizing that may affect multiple areas of daily life including school/work, social relationships, and home and family life.  


The executive skills coach will work with the patient and/or parents to identify which specific areas of executive functioning are challenging.  These may be areas that are impacted by ADHD symptoms or executive functioning issues that are unrelated to any specific disorder. The coach will help the patient develop skills that can be used to manage executive difficulties and improve day-to-day functioning and overall well-being.  Strategies may include techniques for parents to use to manage their child's behavior and other executive functioning difficulties. For adult clients, skills will be directly taught, modeled, and practiced to help overcome specific challenges

What is "Executive Functioning"?

Executive functioning is a set of mental, or cognitive, skills that are coordinated in the brain's frontal lobe regions and associated neural networks. These skills typically develop during adolescence.  In younger, school-aged children, executive functioning issues may look like problems with focusing on school work, following instructions, complying with adult directives, hyperactive and impulsive behavior, irritability and poor frustration tolerance, and difficulty maintaining peer relationships.  In older children, teens, and adults, executive functioning difficulties affect one's ability to plan, organize, multi-task, problem-solve, focus on and complete large projects, and manage time.  These difficulties result in becoming easily overwhelmed by life's daily tasks and challenges and an overall feeling of distress.  Executive functioning is thought to play a fundamental role in the cognitive functioning of individuals with ADHD. However, many individuals who do not have ADHD may have difficulties with executive functioning skills.